The Therapeutic Benefits of Art 

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Being creative has many benefits, both for physical and mental health. Some people think that to enjoy the benefits of art one must be a talented artist, but that is simply not true. Art and creativity can be enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of talent. Whether you like to doodle in the margins or paint life-sized murals, art is good for you and you should keep at it! 

The Benefits of Art 

The act of creating art has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress. Focusing on the creation of an art piece helps one to let go of pressing thoughts and worries and to focus solely on the task at hand, giving the mind a much-needed break. Art can also help to build confidence. Because many art forms are based on the idea that there is no right or wrong way to make something, people are encouraged to be creative freethinkers without the restraints found in many other hobbies. This lack of restraint and push toward freedom helps people to learn that they are capable of doing something good that others can enjoy. Art also increases brain productivity through the increase of dopamine that takes place when one is happily creating. The increase in dopamine leads to the development of new neurons which help with focus, productivity, and concentration. This also helps those who are suffering from serious health conditions, both in and out of the hospital

Where to Start 

Art comes in so many different forms that you can start just about anywhere. Begin wherever you are comfortable. Do you remember coloring in school? Coloring is an art form that many adults find very relaxing. Just about any art store, or even big box store, that you wander into will have coloring books for adults. So just grab one of those and some crayons, colored pencils, or markers, and you are good to go. Want to try something a little bigger? A simple online search, such as paint store Los Angeles CA, will bring up the stores near you. All you have to do is find the one that works for you. 

Creating Creates Community 

Once you have your supplies and are ready to begin enjoying art, why not try an art class? Many communities offer art classes in some form or another. These classes bring people together and promote socialization in a healthy environment that helps to build confidence. To find a class, search online or ask at your local craft store or community center. Many artists are happy to share their talent and knowledge with others so that they can experience the joys of art as well. Art classes also motivate you to keep practicing your art even when you think you might not be doing very well. These classes will help to inspire you to keep going and reaping the benefits of art. 

Never let the idea that you are not an artist rob you of the joys of art. No matter how talented you are or if you think your art is not worth sharing, you can still enjoy being creative. Enjoy it by yourself or in the company of other like-minded artists, it will benefit you just the same, although enjoying it with others has the added benefit of creating lifelong friendships.


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