Benefits of Gardening The Organic Way

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We may live in a world full of toxins, but that doesn’t mean we have to eat them! Even some of the most profit minded farmers have shifted from cheaper chemical fertilizers to healthier organics or they risk losing business. The simple fact is too many health issues have been directly linked to chemical fertilizers and not many are willing to risk them anymore. 

Not As Expensive As You Might Think and The Planet Will Thank You For It 

Whether you have a large farm or kitchen garden, an organic fertilizer can be prepared on site lowering the cost of producing what you need for the job. Remember that organics have a cumulative effect on soil. The longer they’re used the better your growing conditions become, and you need less to achieve the same results. 

Environmental pollution has made Earth a haven for toxins while the only effect organics have on our world are positive ones. Global awareness being what it is, many of us no longer shop at grocers who don’t offer organic products. After all, why risk our health and environment when there is another option besides harmful chemicals. 

Don’t Be Tempted To Take The Easy Path 

Synthetic fertilizers don’t contain all the nutrients necessary for optimum plant growth. It’s true, they require less work to use than organics, but in the long run they are a poor substitute. Their main ingredients are mostly nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which only covers 3 out 13 nutrients plants need to thrive. 

You can’t depend on soil having those 10 other nutrients. It’s a fact that as time passes too many synthetics in soil sabotage a plant’s ability to absorb the nutrients needed to survive and thrive. “Man-made” fertilizers might pay off in the short term, but you risk destroying future productivity by their use. 

Chemicals and Their Debilitating Domino Effect

Pure chemicals make the survival of micro-organisms and earthworms difficult, and both are very necessary to plant or soil health. They are what helps a plant make use of the nutrients in the soil. The earthworm may seem like such a simple creature, but without them and their constant tunneling soil tends to become so compacted plants have to fight to survive in it because they have less and less access to what they need. 

For your sake and your garden’s keep the following organic facts in mind.

  • They are the best slow-release nutrient system you can offer a plant.

  • Soil drainage, aeration, and texture tend to stay at levels needed for optimum plant health.

Did you know that many synthetic fertilizers have an oil base? Not only does their production include a huge investment in fossil fuels this oil will end up in the water supply eventually. Run off encourages unnatural development of algae blooms that take more than their share of oxygen fish and other organisms need to survive. When you get right down to it, how is using chemicals any different than taking small doses of poison every time you consume a food not organically grown? 

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