Four Ways Technology Can Help You Catch a Cheating Spouse

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With the technological advancements today, catching a cheating partner or spouse is less a challenging issue. The suspected spouses easily get rid of any traces of external relationships, hide their secret partners using an alias in their contact list, or even cover up their tracks in case they meet. However, the advent of technology has given such individuals an upper edge in facilitating multiple offside relationships at ago. Similarly, modern technology has easier ways of catching a cheater red-handed. There exist more sophisticated methods of getting to the root of all the deception in a relationship.


If you are a victim, you probably may be thinking of a number of ways such as visiting some Catching a Cheater Blogs, using word of mouth, or manually following your spouse secretly to find out first-hand. However, it is crucial to understand your partner’s ways and what advantages he/she exploits. This includes what they do to stay undetected so as you cannot have any proof against them. What makes your accusations seem too baseless? Understanding these things will help you determine the type of tactics to employ. The following are a few sure ways you can use to catch a cheating spouse.

Look Out for Cheating Pointers

The first thing that you can notice from your spouse are changes in their behavior. Does he/she avoid spending time or going out for a date with you? Do they stay up too late or go to sleep too early in anticipation for a late-night call? You can try following your spouse when they leave the house when they claim to be going for work-related or family meeting or dinner. You can as well find out any presence of receipts, gifts, unusual perfume, or other credit card activities that do not just add up. There are many things you can look out for to find signs that your partner is cheating on you in the relationship.

Find out About the Devoted Contact

Cheating spouses are normally very sly, thus never underestimate them. In most cases, they use an alias name for their romantic partner. For instance, they can pretend as though the call is work-related or simply an old high school or college pal. Additionally, they use encrypted passwords to deter you from accessing their phones. Nonetheless, technology has led to the development of smart apps especially for smartphones that can assist you to track your spouse. Such apps allow you to find out many things from a control panel such as frequent callers, time, and even location from which your spouse was at last. These applications allow you to have access to entire text conversations on platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, or even Skype.

Use the Cloud Platform to Check Photos


Mobile phones are an essential addition to our lives, and most users have them configured to upload their photos to the cloud storage platforms and other online storage applications. Sometimes, even if you delete some sensitive photos from your phone, they may have already been uploaded to the online storage platform. Cloud storage is one of the best ways to manage your photos, especially for iPhone users. You can thus check the iCloud account for your spouse in case you have their login ID and passwords.

GPS and Voice Recorders


Finally, you can use other technological methods such as GPS Trackers and phone recorders to find out if your partner is cheating on you. GPS trackers can be placed inside the phone and phone recorders can be used near their favorite sitting places to listen to their secret conversations. These devices can help you monitor your spouse effectively and undetected.

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