The Importance of Upholding the Second Amendment

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We now live in a world that is divided on the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Some believe we should totally do away with any type of gun even if it is used for recreational sport. They believe that the word “amendment” means – if necessary, rules can be re-written.

The Role Guns Are Playing in Our Societies 

Indeed, there is no question that guns are playing a horrendous role in unthinkable crimes like school and religious shootings. Individuals who have hateful thoughts seem to be provoked to act on those thoughts from a political push from a certain party, and it is gaining momentum. It has become a concerning era for most of us. 

Even so, we must consider how to amend an amendment without doing away with it for things such as sport and self-defense. Guns have played a part in sporting activities and protection purposes from the time they were invented back in the early years of the 14th century. Therefore, it would seem unthinkable to disband all use of firearms when it comes to certain pastimes of the states. 

To begin a conversation about guns and how they are used for sport and for protection purposes, it would probably be beneficial to list some firearm activities:


  • Hunting for Sport
  • Bullseye Shooting
  • Field Shooting
  • Rapid Fire Shooting
  • Home protection and Self-Defense Purposes

Discussing a Specific Semi-Automatic Rifle and Why it Should Be Banned

The fact is, most of us see no issue to keep legal firearms in existence – if they are used in accordance with normal and reasonable recreational activities. However, a considerable number of Americans believe that laws should be put in place which will take away certain types of firearms that should be used solely for war. These types of guns and ammunition are the types of weapons in which the criminals too easily get their hands on. 

Particularly, the gun which needs to be banned from any gun owner’s cabinet is the AR-15 rifle. This gun is highly dangerous and too easy to buy. It seems today, it is as simple as searching on the internet for any  ar-15 rifles online.

The truth is, here in our states, there is no need for this type of weapon for any reasonable sports activity or self-defense purpose. It is common knowledge that this weapon is used in war situations by our military personnel to tackle extremists from adversarial countries who threaten the humanity of many. Unfortunately, we have some individuals here who have misconstrued views and have used this gun to fulfill their crazy personal agendas. 

Protecting the Second Amendment While Protecting Ourselves

The end perspective we should all have obtained by now from these types of conversations is obvious. We should be in mutual agreeance that there are ways to protect an important amendment for the legally wielded gun owners who use them for sport and other personal purposes which do not include killing sprees. It has now become extremely important for Congress to begin introducing laws to protect us from mentally unstable individuals and the easy ways they are able to purchase a gun. 

Finally, it is possible to uphold the second amendment for responsible Americans who follow the laws of the land and still put policies in place for our safety. It is time for our government to move forward in doing this so we can all take strides in making our world a safer place to live.

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