Ways of Improving the Home Window Security

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According to research, window is one of the common ways a burglar can get access to your home. From a recent survey, 32% of intruders will get in your house using the window. Apparently, the family’s security is determined by the kind of security the windows can offer. This should not worry you since there are several things that can been done to improve the security design of your window.

Locking your windows is one of the common thing you should do. Most home attacks happen due to homeowners locking up with latches or forgetting to close their windows. However, most burglars will always check on the status of the window as an entry point. They know that not many people are cautious about locking up. If the windows are lock free, it is important to install them.

The second thing is making sure that you recheck your windows from outside. This ensures that no burglar can use them as entry points to access the other floors in the house. It is common for homeowners to have weak points such as ladders, tall trees and ropes around the house. They easily allow the thief to get into the house. With a combination of unlocked up windows and these weak points, it makes you a suitable target for the motivated offender to attack.

Window bars are one of the best ways to do target hardening. To deter the offenders, security bars can be installed in a window either inside or outside. Storm glass is also known as a home window boise id security; it can be used to replace the glass windows. Importantly. This window is twice stronger than the normal glass withstanding a lot of pressure both outside or inside. Alternatively, polyester transparent film can be installed on the window and can similarly withstand pressure.

Vertical window is also a common type of window. While the vertical windows are installed, they serve as a deterrence to prevent the window from being opened in and out. A wooden stick may also be placed as a pivot on the window to prevent it from being opened easily. To enhance security, you can ensure that the window is not so widely opened preventing the stand from being reached from outside.

Alarm response system is also another important tool for deterring criminal activities. The motion sensors are installed in the house and attached to the main alarm. Opening then window triggers the alarm hence scaring the intruder away from the noise itself. Furthermore, most companies that conduct alarm monitoring services will offer special devices that can be stuck to the window to serve as a deterrence to burglars.

Burglary is considered as one of the opportunity crimes. Human beings are rational beings hence attack the most vulnerable targets to obtain maximum benefits. To prevent criminal activities from happening, a home window security should be installed. Garage and basements should also be checked while accessing the security of the window. They can be easy exit point once the burglar has attacked.

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