What are the most favorite activities of people here at desert safari Dubai

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Desert safari Dubai is known to be the most popular and attractive desert of Dubai. This desert has the best activities within it and I guess the activities within it are the reason why it is so much famous. You will enjoy each and every activity here. Read the details about every activity below to know more about desert safari and the things that take place within it.

Tanoura dance:
This is a kind of Sufi dance. The moment you start seeing this start you will get lost in the soothing vibes of this dace. You will love to enjoy this dance while sitting on an Arabian carpet on the soft sand dunes of Desert safari. You will be amazed after seeing the skills of the professional Sufi dancers.

Quad biking:
Have you ever ride a four-wheeled bike? If not then you really need to know about this experience. You will get to ride on the speed of your choice on the dunes of desert safari. The best part about this ride is that you will feel so much confidence within you while riding it. If you stuck somewhere, we will be there to help you. What you have to do is trust us and ride the quad bike fearlessly.

Camel riding:
Camel is the most humble creature here at the desert safari. When you will sit on the camels back after that you will be taken to explore the whole desert safari. You will get to experience the highs and lows while sitting on the camel. You will love to have a camel ride in a desert. This experience is basically a kind of experience which you have experienced normally at other places but experiencing a camel ride at a desert is a whole lot of different experience.

Henna art:
This is the most favorite activity of people here at desert safari. One who does not have any idea about henna gets more amazed after this activity. Your hands will be decorated by the beautiful henna without going through any painful procedure like tattooing.

Dune bashing:
Go on a drive on a land cruiser at a high speed on the sand dunes. This is a thrilling activity that boosts your confidence and makes your desert safari experience more fun.

BBQ dinner:
Enjoy the best dinner of BBQ here at a desert safari at night camping. Trust me you won’t be able to forget the taste of it.

Fire show:
See the fire strings being thrown fearlessly in the air by the fire show professionals and get amazed by their amazing skills.

Belly dance:
Have an experience of the most entertaining activity here at desert safari. You will love to see the belly dancers performing at their best.

These were all the activities of desert safari that will be a part of your desert safari trip with us. Go and book your deal now at www.desertsafariuae.ae and have the best experience of your whole life.

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