Boring Coffee Stations Are Dated: Impress Customers With These Thoughtful Updates

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Coffee is more than just a mere beverage, it provides comfort and common ground. This simple fact is why many businesses, breakrooms, and homes have a designated coffee station. Oftentimes, a coffeemaker along with a few sweeteners, creamers, and cups is all that is offered. An eye-catching coffee station can be beneficial in any setting. Through some simple steps, the ordinary coffee area can become extraordinary. 

Small Changes Can Have Big Benefits 

Typically set in a common area like a waiting room, coffee stations are a way to show goodwill to customers. Even having coffee available is considered a positive act of passive customer service. A better designed and displayed coffee area can lead to many benefits such as an increased positive consumer feeling about the business. Additionally, a well-styled area could be shared on social media outlets by consumers and be free online marketing. Finally, an amazing coffee station can lead to positive word-of-mouth in the community. 

Out with the Old 

To begin with, get rid of the old dated drop coffeemakers and carafes. Old, state coffee does not lead to a positive company reputation. A Keurig coffeemaker ensures that every single guest gets a fresh cup of joe. Things like starbucks k cup pods are high quality and from an instantly recognizable brand that looks great on display. 

After getting the basics taken care of, it time to move on to aesthetics. A designated counter makes for easy cleanup and is even more ideal if there is a cabinet underneath that can be used for storage. If space is an issue consider utilizing the always classy coffee cart. 

Visual Enhancements 

The basics of coffee accessories are necessary, but how they are displayed can create a positive company image. Coffee pods, creamers, sugar, sweetener, straw, cups, and lids can be stored in matching baskets or simple glass jars. A coffee tray, placemat, linen, or tapestry underneath these containers is appealing. Finish the look with a small accent like a potted plant, candle, jar of coffee beans, or a vase of fresh flowers. 

Wall art can truly create a stunning coffee station. There are countless options. Framed art featuring words, phrases, or photos are always a good choice. The wall behind the station can be painted an accent color or with chalkboard paint so custom messages can be written and updated. Small wall shelves are a great way to add visual detail and display more relevant and appealing knick-knacks. 

A waiting room coffee station can be more than just the basics. Updating the coffee area creates a welcoming environment. These changes can lead to a more positive experience for customers, sharing on social media outlets, and positive local word-of-mouth. Updating the coffeemaker type can make a big difference in the brew quality provided to customers. Changing the container types for accessories, adding decorations, and painting the area to stand out will turn a boring area into a modern usable coffee station that people will immediately love.

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