Fixing that Malfunctioning Air Compressor

If your industry requires a properly functioning air compressor, you will face a setback when the air compressor starts malfunctioning. The broken or malfunctioning air compressor will decrease your productivity considerably. You may choose to get the air compressor fixed or get a new air compressor. Your best option will depend on the extent of damage in the air compressor.


There are a few factors to consider before choosing to repair the air compressor including an industrial air compressor repair or buying a new one. The first consideration is your budget. You should consider whether you can afford a new air compressor. Fixing an old compressor may be cheaper but a new air compressor may give you trouble free service for a longer time. You should also consider whether your old air compressor is energy efficient and whether buying a new energy efficient air compressor will give you more energy savings and long-term benefits. You must choose repairing your old air compressor if it is only a minor problem that will not recur.


You don’t have to buy a new air compressor if your old air compressor has malfunctioned because of a small problem that has an easy solution. Some of these problems include that the lubricant levels are incorrect. Checking and correcting lubricant levels regularly will keep the air compressor functioning correctly. The cause of the problem may be that the power source has malfunctioned. The air compressor may discharge hot air excessively because of a problem in the cooling system. This problem can be solved with a minor repair job or by increasing the capacity of the cooling system. If the compressor is very noisy, it needs minor repairs to correct flywheels, belts, crank cases or bearings. Worn piston rings, loose bolts or obstructed air ventilation cause the compressor to consume oil excessively. If the fuses are not the correct size, the electrical load on the compressor will cause fuses to blow often. If the belts on the compressor are too tight or too loose, they wear out quickly. The belts can be adjusted easily to extend the life of the compressor.


Sometimes replacing your air compressor is cost effective compared to repairing it. If repairing your old air compressor will cost more than buying a new one, replacement is your best option. You should consider replacing your old air compressor if it has malfunctioned more than once. If your business has grown and your old air compressor is too small buying a modern, larger and more efficient new compressor will benefit your company. Replacing your old compressor with a new energy efficient compressor will help you save on your electricity bills. If you are unable to get spare parts for the model of your old compressor, it is time to replace it with a new model.

An efficient air compressor is the key to powering many tools because it converts electrical energy into kinetic energy and increases the productivity of an industry.

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