How to clear the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam on the first attempt?

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The AWS or Amazon Web Services certification exam tests your cloud computing skills and helps you to specialize in a particular skill that will help you and your organization. It has many courses, and each course has some specific requirements. As of now, there are a total of 12 courses that you can learn that are categorized into 5 main levels: Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Operations, Developer, and Specialty. The architect, operations, and developer exams have subcategories of associate and professional levels.

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam requires two years of extensive knowledge and experience regarding the designing, functioning, and development of cloud computing technology.

Benefits of being an AWS Certified Architect Professional

  • AWS is the best public cloud computing system available today, and getting certified from a brand like Amazon will immensely boost your career.
  • You’ll become a lifetime asset to your organization because of your experience and skills.
  • You’ll be able to create, design, and operate AWS cloud applications for commercial purposes.
  • You’ll be able to troubleshoot problems arising in different cloud computing applications and hence ensure their better functioning.
  • You can build your Tech Adventure skills and equip yourself with all the necessary techniques required to plan and operate cloud systems applications successfully.
  • Tips for clearing AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification Exam

You can appear for these exams only thrice in a given year, so you must strive hard to clear it in the first attempt itself.

It would be best if you kept in mind the following tips to successfully crack the AWS solutions Architect Professional Certification exam in the first attempt.

  1. Clear the basics.

Even though the Architect Professional exam will test your experience regarding Cloud Computing, you must not forget that the key to crack any exam successfully depends on how thorough you are with the basics. Before appearing for the exam, learn all the fundamental topics regarding the basic principles of the AWS platform. You would need to have a piece of detailed knowledge about the various AWS services being offered by Amazon because chances are, you may be asked about it.

  1. Do background research. 

AWS is a global cloud computing infrastructure, and they have high standards for their certification process. It would be best if you learned the key areas which they focus on by studying the pattern of the questions that were asked in the previous exams. Study the five core strengths of the AWS structure and acquire experience in their application.

  1. Practice

There’s no need to emphasize this point. Perfection is a must for passing the examination, and for that, you need a lot of practice. Identify your weak areas and work on them repeatedly to get acquainted with the topics. Some of the key areas which most of the examinees struggle with are DevOps tooling, and CloudFormation so make sure that you focus on these topics.

  1. Time is money.

Not just in the proverbial sense, time is actually money in this examination because you would be spending around $300 for a single attempt, so each second counts. You will be given 75 Multiple Choice Questions, which you need to answer within 180 minutes, so that averages 2 minutes per question. Even if it seems manageable, it isn’t. Some of the questions are really long and must be read thoroughly before answering. While reading, you must also keep in mind that you can’t waste all your time in one question because then, you won’t get time for the other questions.

  1. Develop a strategy.

Simply reading and sitting for the exam isn’t enough; you must have a strategy. It will equip you with a solid plan so that you’ll know which areas you’re weak at, so if you get questions from that topic, you can skip it initially and then come back to it later. The longer questions can be many paragraphs long, so you need patience and skills to answer them. Practice beforehand as to how you’ll approach such questions within a limited time. The best approach to solving any question is to relate it to the AWS cloud system.

  1. Weightage matters.

A pattern-based study of the previous AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam has revealed that maximum weightage is given to three concepts which are; designing innovative solutions, organizational complexity design, and cost control. Focus on them.

These were some tried and tested tips that will surely help you clear your AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam in the first attempt provided, you follow them religiously.

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