Making The Best Decision After Death

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You know that at some point you will need to prepare for the death of someone you love. If you’re left to handle the funeral and burial of this person, then you want to try to honor the wishes that they had whether that is a traditional funeral service or cremation. Before you make a final decision, try to find out about the benefits that are offered with each one as well as the various types of services that are available, especially when someone is cremated. 

When you talk about cremation services Chicago IL funeral providers offer, you should keep in mind that a cremation can be just as memorable for your family as a funeral. It’s less expensive, and you can have the person’s remains in your home in a special location. There is also the option of burying the remains, spreading them around the person’s favorite location, or putting the ashes in a mausoleum. You can include any detail that you want in the memorial service after your loved one has been cremated, such as any kind of flowers that the person liked or the music that the person would have wanted to be played. Many funeral homes will let you use a casket during the service so that it has the appearance of a funeral. 

Burials are on an upward trend in price. Cremation is often less expensive in this regard since you won’t need the burial services. There are many more people who are accepting of cremation than in past years. Keep in mind that the overall decision should be a personal one and one that would have made the person happy while alive. You have to think about your finances and those of the person who has passed away if there are no savings of any kind that can cover a traditional funeral

One of the things that people don’t always understand about cremation is that you can tie in some of the components of a funeral so that everyone in your family is satisfied in remembering the person who has passed away. You can have a funeral with a viewing as long as the service is held within the first few days of the person passing away. The cremation will be held at a later time so that your family has an opportunity to grieve. There is also the option to have a funeral without a viewing but with a casket in the church or funeral home while the service is being performed. The cremation would be held after the service in this situation as well. 

Since there are numerous options available, you should start trying to plan for cremation in advance of the person’s passing if possible. A benefit of cremation is that it’s only a fraction of what a casket and burial would cost, so you wouldn’t have to pay as much money at one time. Talk to your family to determine if everyone is satisfied and comfortable with cremation as you want to try to please everyone as much as you can. However, the person’s wishes should be at the forefront of the decision-making process as well.


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