Medical Research: An Important Aspect of Medicine

For those students, especially from outside of the United States, interested in earning a position in a residency training program medical, it can be difficult without having a research background. Important factors that affect an individual’s ability to gain admission to residency programs include grades in their medical program, medical school reputation, an issue for those students from outside of the United States, Letters of Recommendation, academic awards United States Medical Licensing Examination Scores (USMLE), and research experience to name a few. Because opportunities for this research experience can be limited, difficult to gain admission to, and costly, training has been developed to assist with this. Helpful for those with low USMLE scores, this two-month program can impact ability to move forward career-wise. Experience in Usmle medical research experience allows for supervision from highly esteemed, Ivy-league professionals who are well versed in the research process, with some occurring online for those who remain outside of the area. 

As part of relevant research topics, individuals interested in continuing their education will be given opportunities to develop this important skill while gaining an important competitive edge. At the end of this program, candidates will have completed a full research project that could be submitted to top research journals for possible publication, which can be helpful for further education or job applications. Participants in the program can receive Letters of Recommendation from their supervisors which will also be useful in the application process. Current students in the program include physicians, medical and dental school graduates, medical student, dental students, and consultants, illustrating the usefulness of this type of program for many diverse individuals. 

The accelerated curriculum is cohort lead, allowing for valuable peer interactions, along with professional supervision, as students work through the program. Topics, such as understanding different types of research, recognizing the importance of research in medicine, conducting clinical research and basic statistics, including understanding Significant Significance, correlation, and ANOVA, t-test, and Chi-Square to understand and compare data. This wide range of experience demonstrates strong analytical, productivity and ambition which can be beneficial in future endeavors. Even when future research may not be a personal focus, demonstrating the ability to critically analyze research and measure validity of the research published in medical journals and to apply these outlined procedures in general medical practice is extremely important. Adding this knowledge to your portfolio can lead to many upcoming opportunities in education and occupation. 

For International Medical Students, this type of educational program can be financially beneficial, allowing education to continue without travel, missed work, and housing issues. Having a background and research, highlighted by publication in a medical journal, can be a strong asset to those looking for further education or higher-level employment. As such, this quick, 2 month, fast paced program, facilitated by a well-qualified supervisor from Yale University, focused on building a solid background in medical research, can be an advantageous undertaking towards your bright future, helping you to become a well-rounded, critically analytical medical professional.


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