Training Discipline: A Key to Success in Extreme Sports

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Extreme sports continue to evolve and there seems to be no shortage of things to do on the extreme side of sport. There are classics like snowboarding and skateboarding, skiing and rock climbing, skydiving and scuba diving. There are also rather new introductions like free flying and free diving. All of these sports share one common element: thrill. 

Nobody would participate in any sporting activity if it didn’t have the thrill factor that excites the senses. Extreme sports are no exception. Although they generally operate outside of traditional mainstream sports, they still draw plenty of admirers and participants in the sport. Plenty of these sports are played alongside more traditional sports, as well–just look at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, where skateboarding will be debuting alongside established Olympic sports such as track & field and basketball. 

Extreme sports require participants to train hard. Whether one is training to snowboard or looking to be the best sky diver in California, training in something like accelerated free fall ca is vital. When we look at all things in the realm of extreme sports, we see little elements linked together that connect points. Elements of nature such as wind and snow, human elements such as preparation and training, and elements in equipment and gear all factor into performance. But what is most important is preparation. 

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. The unexpected is bound to happen. But even within that boundary there are ways in which one can better prepare his or herself. It’s important to find instruction that is both critical and comes from a place where the knowledge is legitimate. It would be foolish to find an expert swim instructor for tips on sky diving. 

Instruction can’t shy away from the element of danger. Every activity has such an element. Seemingly mundane activities such as crossing a busy street or climbing a ladder to replace a lightbulb have their dangers to them, so one naturally can understand the risks involved in extreme sports. This is why it is critical for instruction to come from professionals who guide the student in a way that prepares them well within the discipline. When one’s life is on the line there are no situations where shortcuts are to be taken. 

Tony Hawk, who was influential in getting the sport of skateboarding to mainstream success with the arrival of ESPN’s X-Games, was never shy when it came to his hatred of failure. This is precisely why he practiced over and over again until he perfected a trick. Then what would he do next? He’d look forward to a different trick, always searching for the next thing to accomplish while getting better moving forward. This is what the best do. So, if you are looking to be a downhill skier or a skydiver, don’t underestimate what it takes to be the very best you can be. Make sure you find the very best instructor and train hard, take it seriously, and find the thrill that excites. 

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