Ways to Carry Green Colored Lenses Awesomely!

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The green color is the color of nature and represents good health and growth. It has a calming effect on one’s personality and indicates positivity in one’s nature. It is no wonder that ever since colored lenses were introduced in the market, green colored contacts have been the most popular and in-demand contact lenses.

Needless to say, the demand for green lenses has also increased owing to a number of famous celebrities who have natural green eyes. Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone and Jennifer Connelly are just a few of the stars who look stunning with their beautiful green eyes.

If your heart is set upon using green lenses, then sit back and read on as we share how you can carry your new look like an A-lister!

Your Skin Tone Affects How You Carry Your Green Lenses

You may not have given it much thought but your skin tone actually affects how you carry your lenses and in fact, you should choose the correct shade of green, depending on your skin tone. Luckily for you, green lenses come in a variety of shades to suit all skin tones. If you are fair-skinned, then you are in luck as any shade of green can work for you.

From the light colored Portobello green to the extremely striking Sea-green lenses, you have a lot to choose from! If you have a caramel skin tone, you can opt for a striking shade of green to make your eyes stand out. On the other hand, if you have a dusky skin tone, opt for Regents green lenses to make them stand out against your skin tone.

Highlight Your Green Eyes by Using Eye Shadows That Compliment Them

If you are bent on using green lenses, then be sure to stack up on purple and grey eye shadows. These two colors are perfect when it comes to green eyes. Purple eye shadow not only provides a contrast to the green of your eyes but also creates a rich hue.

Make sure you use a purple eye pencil to line your eyes and smudge it in the eye lid with the eye shadow. The pencil helps in giving a good definition to your eye. Besides purple eye shadow, you can also play around with pigmented shimmery and matte eye shadows in gray to either go for a smoldering smoky look or a slightly subtle office-look.

If you are using green lenses with gold flecks such as the Emerald green lenses, you can use golden eye shadow to bring out those pretty flecks and also to brighten your eyes.

Line Your Eyes!

An eyeliner is a must-have in the makeup arsenal of any woman, no matter what color her eyes are! That said, if you are wearing green lenses, then you simply can’t do without black and brown eyeliners in your makeup bag. If you are after a striking look then sharply line your eyes with black eyeliner. Make sure you wing it at the end when you are applying to give a Sophie Loren effect to your eyes!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a subtle, yet smoldering, look then opt for soft brown eyeliner. You can put it on as it is or you can smudge it in to give a subtle look. Pair your brown eyeliner with taupe eyeshadow and you are good to go.

Bring Out the Green with Your Lipstick!

Just like your skin tone and eye makeup affects how your green lenses stand out, the lip color you wear also affects the color of your lenses. Generally, cooler tones of lipsticks work well with green eyes and enhance their color and sparkle. Opt for shades of pinks and rose colors to compliment your green lenses.

Don’t Use Too Much Green!

The general rule, when using green lenses, is to wear subtle shades of green in both clothing and jewelry. The main purpose is to bring out the green in your eyes. That said, it is easy to get overboard when using green.

It is always advised to strike a balance when using so much of green. If you are opting for green clothes, choose a different color for the jewelry and vice versa. Similarly, if you want to use green on your eyes, make sure it is either the eye shadow or the eyeliner but never both of them together. You don’t want to overdo it.

Play Around with Your Hair Color

If you are an adventurous and dare-devil kind of a person, then go ahead one step and change your hair color to compliment your green colored contacts. Reddish hair absolutely works well with green eyes and in fact, it is the color that brings out the sparkle in your eyes!

Play Around with Colors When Using Green Lenses!

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