History And Usage Of Plumbing

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Few of us ascertain why plumbers exist or why they are overlooked so often in our society. There is a rich historical culture that stems from the practice of working on pipes and faucets. Any Plumbers annapolis md are treasure coves of interesting information in disguise and if one were to dig deep enough they would find a plethora of information concerning their history, their role in the community, and the procedures that come with being a plumber. In this article we will be discussing these topics in great detail one by one so that we could formulate a clearer picture on what it means to actually be a plumber. 

What is a plumber? According to Wikipedia a plumber is a trades person who is responsible for conducting the mechanical ability to maintain and install plumbing and sewage systems through out the community. In other words the term plumber stems from the ancient phrase “lead” and it means that during the Roman Empire the practice of plumbing involved working with lead on the roof tops of their once standing community. Their job is complex as there are many responsibilities of a plumber to scan over some of which include the ability to read blueprints and to identify problematic systems almost instantly while adhering to the state law and working towards the proper certifications thereof. Apart from physical injury on the job plumbers also face the daunting risk of catching an infection because the nature of their duties. There also is a poised risk taking the form of acid possibly being caught in the eyes of the plumber while they are on the job site. 

What is the historical bearing that the term plumber carries? Well according to documentation plumbers back in the Roman days would use lead as the main material for many of the tasks involved with their line of occupation. With this lead they would make drain pipes, baths, coverings for the drain pipes, and even rooftops. In other cultures such as the Egyptian era their first source of plumbing came straight from the Nile river. During autumn this river provided a rich agriculture for the natives of that land as long as they worked around the seasonal issue characterized by uneven ground and persistently dry soil. The first plumbing tool the Egyptians utilized was the water basin and was used to both dig canals and contain flood water. By the time twenty five hundred B.C. rolled around a system of canals and dikes have already been developed. Now in the case of drinking water the ancient land of Egypt constructed wells around the time period of three hundred B.C. by digging nearly three hundred feet into solid rock in order to tap into the fresh water they craved then. The plumbing of the wells were built near the pyramids of Gizeh. 

What is attributed to the job of a plumber? Well as one could see the evolution of plumbing is so vast and varies from culture to culture but as long as their are plumbers in this day and age we will have water to drink and an installed sewage system for the cities of our country.


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