3 Steps to Make This Year’s Spring Cleaning a Total Success

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Spring is right around the corner, it has likely been an entire year since you last did a thorough cleaning and organizing of your home. A lot accumulates in a year. You might have already noticed that cabinets, closets, and drawers are overflowing. Start the new year right by bringing order to your home. Think of the benefits! The clutter will be cleared, the home will be cleaner, things will be easier to locate, and there might just be more free space to utilize for new purposes. Don’t delay, plan your spring cleaning today and get started tomorrow. 

Step 1- Keep or Toss? 

Those areas that are just plain full of stuff need to be addressed before anything else. Start by tackling one room at a time to ensure not only a thorough job but that there isn’t several unfinished projects simultaneously in progress. Depending on your motivation and amount of free time, starting with the smallest room is recommended. 

There should be three piles made to sort items into keep, toss, and donate. If the ‘keep’ pile is large and includes pieces of furniture or other larger items that are being kept for sentimental reasons consider utilizing self storage units Wichita KS. This will free up space without having to part with special items. 

Step 2- Deep Cleaning 

After emptying spaces is the ideal time to get a really deep clean. The type of clean that you only do once a year. Don’t put away the items that you have decided to keep just yet. The piles of stuff can feel counterproductive to look at during spring cleaning, but it is a part of the process. Everything will be put into place in step three. 

Empty areas reveal dust bunnies, garbage, and other fun surprises. Get cleaning with the simple plan of observation. See what does look good and fix it. Vacuum out closets. Wipe down drawers. Throw away garbage. Mop floors. Knock down cobwebs. The goal is to ensure that the area is clean before returning items to the space. 

Step 3- Organizing 

The last thing that you want to do after so much effort is to just throw everything back where it was. That really defeats the purpose. After freeing up space and cleaning is the ideal time to organize for easier storage and accessibility. 

Shelves, racks, and drawer organizers are great ways to separate items by commonalities. Placing items in boxes or tubs and then labeling the outside with the contents makes finding little-used items a breeze. Finally, place larger items on the bottom and stack up from largest to smallest. These simple changes will make an area more visually appealing and less likely to get messy any time soon. 

As the weather warms so follows the desire to spring clean. Getting rid of clutter opens the door, sometimes literally, to in-depth cleaning and organizing. These changes can make life easier and a home look better even behind closed doors.


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