Tandem Skydiving: A Great Way For Beginners To Experience This Extreme Sport

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One way to see beautiful California is to skydive. Either you been skydiving, or you saw it on television or the internet. You can lay down some serious coin in this Extreme Sport. Whether its something you are seriously considering or just a one-time special occasion, look for a skydiving center. These centers are located all over the country. Tandem Skydiving CA is worlds apart from any other Tandem jump across the nation. 

In the United States, the minimum age for skydiving is 18 years old. There isn’t a maximum age if the jumper is healthy. For the beginner skydiver, there are three routinely used methods which are Tandem, Static Line, and Accelerated Freefall. We will concentrate on the Tandem method for this article. For this type of jump only minimal instruction is required. The Tandem Master is certified and meets all local, state, and national requirements. He is the one that is primarily responsible for a safe and fun jump so treat them nicely. Of course, they like that last part. No matter the Tandem Master understands that the first-time skydiver is nervous. Don’t feel that you are putting them out. Skydiving is not just a job for them. They are happy you are exposing yourself to this Extreme Sport. 

A Tandem jump is where you are a passenger of sorts. You are attached to the front of the Tandem Master. Before the Tandem jump, there is a required class called a briefing. This class consists of what body position to take during freefall, the landing procedure, and parachute flight. There is also a question and answer session as well. This briefing is a great time to find out what to expect during all aspects of the jump. 

Commonly asked questions before scheduling a Tandem jump: 

  • What kind of clothing should I wear?
  • What is the minimal and maximum age for this type of jump?
  • Will I need to purchase insurance?
  • I suffer from sinus issues. Is this a problem?
  • What if I have a phobia of heights?
  • I wear glasses/contacts. Will this pose and issue with the goggles?

Some questions that are commonly asked during the briefing: 


  • How long does the Tandem skydive last?
  • What if I get nauseous?
  • What kind of airplane will we jump from?
  • How fast due we fall?
  • What does it feel like when the Parachute opens?

All up and down the coast and inland California has some of the most spectacular views for Tandem jumpers to enjoy. Southern California is one of the most scenic areas to Tandem jump. Just an hour outside of Los Angeles you can see views of oceans and mountains. It’s a fun-filled descent while a jumper enjoys scenic San Diego, Big Bear Mountain, Mount Palomar, Mount San Jacinto, The Pacific Ocean, and much more. The time of freefall will vary with the altitude at which you jump. The time differs between skydive centers so be sure to check your perspective center.


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