What Trees Can Do for Your Home

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Whether you have a large or small yard, how it looks is important. You want to enjoy your yard to its fullest by relaxing with a good book, barbequing in the afternoons, or stargazing on clear nights. While having good outdoor furniture is one way to enhance your yard, trees are another option. They can be placed in any size yard for added benefits. Take a look at the trees, or lack of them, in your yard, and read on to see what trees can do for your home. 

Shade and Energy Saving 

Placing your trees properly can do more than enhance the look of your yard. Large shade trees have the potential to reduce heating and cooling bills in your home. They also provide ample shade for outdoor activities. The most important places to plant shade trees are the southeast, west, and southwest corners of your home. As the sun rises and falls in the hot months, the shadows cast by the trees cover your home. This keeps your home cooler and takes loads off your air conditioning. Conversely, in the cold months, the sun changes positions and shines on your home all day, providing winter warmth. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide from the surrounding area and replenish it with fresh and clean oxygen. This enhances the air quality in your yard for you and your family to enjoy. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Use trees to accent your outdoor features. Place trees to provide shade over your grilling space, or obscure the view of streets or unsightly buildings. Properly placed, they offer a beautiful aesthetic and frame your home. Improperly placed, and they can dwarf your home and sit too close to neighboring yards. If your yard is cluttered with dense trees or shows signs of rot, consider any tree removal vienna va. Sometimes, all it takes is one or two trees to be removed, and your yard is transformed by the extra light and space. 

Natural Habitats 

Place native evergreen or fruit trees in your yard to provide a natural habitat for seasonal birds and creatures. Trees like sweetbay magnolia or Virginia pine provide food for wildlife and are beautiful statements in your yard. Encouraging wildlife habitats is good for the local environment and if you have children, can provide hours of fun by birdwatching. The sounds of songbirds are much more pleasing than the sounds of distant traffic and can add a soothing ambiance to your outdoor space. 

Ensure your outdoor space looks its best by removing poorly placed trees and adding shade trees. Once your yard is cleaned up and your trees are established, you can start enjoying the shade. Use trees to enhance outdoor furniture like pergolas and seating arrangements. Take advantage of the hot months and host outdoor parties in cooling shade. Situate flowering or fruit trees by your patio to attract songbirds for viewing. With the right trees in the right places, you can transform a boring backyard into a paradise.


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