Beautiful Weather Deserves a Beautiful Car

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Rain spots, dust, that mysterious film on the inside of the windows, a spot here and there on the seats, and road grime, it’s all over your car, and underneath you have a beautiful car so let it shine inside and out, get the joy back to driving, reinvigorate your excitement for what you have, fall in love with you car all over again. 

Cars, trucks, minivans, and SUV’s of all ages and conditions when clean just make us feel better, they after all are our pride and joy or at least something we can take pride in, get joy from, and is an extension of ourselves. As an extra plus that feeling spills into other aspects of our day and our life, we hear a lot about the benefits of a tidy home, make our bed, and how being organized can improve everything else we do, our vehicle fits perfectly in this and yet is often overlooked, this is some insight to clutter and when you take into consideration that clutter in the house is spread out it only make sense that when we go out to our car and it is clean and tidy it sets the mood for the day to be positive and productive.

When you purchase a car from a dealer there is a reason they try and have it all cleaned up and shining when you pick it up or even just to come and look at it for the first time, it just makes us feel better to get into and want to drive a clean vehicle. With over 20 options for a car wash Coachella Valley has plenty of choices to help make your car as close to brand new as possible. 

Look we all think about spending the day filling up buckets of soapy water and drying every last drop of water, applying wax and the fulfilment of removing it basking in the beauty of our accomplishment, the satisfaction of vacuuming the entire inside and wiping every surface but let’s be honest who really has the time and or the materials let alone the energy, lets leave that to professionals who do this day in and day out and will get it done more through and faster and we can spend that time doing all the other things we need to get done. 

If you just want a quick wash and wax or a full-on detail there is an option for you, and it’s all right here also, note how extremely cost effective and time sensitive the whole project large or small, there is something for everyone and every car here is some different ways we can keep our car clean and feel good about it.

So, let’s keep our cars clean, our time on what is important to us, and let the professionals do their thing and we can do ours… enjoy our days and actually have free time after a very productive positive day that got it’s jump start from cruising in our freshly cleaned vehicle.


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