Should You Hire a Professional Moving Company?

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Moving can be an exciting time in your family’s life. Not only are you going to be moving into a new home or apartment, but you’re going to be living in an entirely different location. The changes could mean an easier commute for you or your spouse, better schools for your children or more amenities near to where you’re living. Unfortunately, moving can also be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you’re moving to a different state or clear across the country. This is when hiring professional moving companies Portland experts is the best option for you. 

Why Hire a Moving Company? 

Moving companies are specifically trained to move homes of all sizes to different locations. They work to pack up the items that you’ll be leaving with and load them onto a truck. Oftentimes, the company is also responsible for driving the moving truck, which is required if it’s larger and needs a driver with a CDL license. When the company gets to the new destination, they will then unload the truck and put the items where they need to be. 

Can It Be Done on Your Own? 

A lot of families want to avoid the costs of moving companies and will instead attempt to do the move on their own. However, if you’re currently working, juggling a family and home life and also trying to get your items packed and ready for the move, you’ll probably find that it’s all just a little too overwhelming for you. By hiring a moving company, you’re taking the work off of your own shoulders and getting a professional agency to do it for you, which not only saves you a lot of time, but it also saves a headache in the future. Plus, there are some people who just cannot make a move on their own. If you’re elderly or disabled, you’re going to need professional help to get those items packed and moved to your new location. 

Choosing the Right Company 

The right company will make a world of difference when it concerns your move. If you hire the wrong company, not only will you be overcharged for the service, but you’re risking the security of your items while they’re being loaded onto the truck. Be sure to only hire companies that use special buffers and packaging to keep your items safe while they’re in route to your destination. Also, be aware of hidden fees and prices associated with hiring the company. If a company keeps adding on fees to the job, they’re best to be avoided. 

Options for Budgeting 

If you’re on a strict budget, you need to be aware of the bill you’ll be receiving from the moving company. Ask all of their fees and charges upfront and sign a contract that has the exact price you’ll be paying on the receipt. You might also want to nix certain services to save money, such as insurance put onto your possessions or unloading of the truck.


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