The Usage of a Camera in A Sewer

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When we think of visual equipment the first thing we think of is our cell phones in this digital age. The use of cameras in everyday life has exploded with the invention of drones and wireless camera capabilities. However, there are real life business’s that you would not think of when it comes to audio/video uses. 

There is a growing industry of products offered from surveillance systems to a sewer camera. The idea of using a camera in a sewer might make you stop and say why would you want to do that? The explanation is simple these are used to virtually see what is causing your problem in your sewer line. The obstructions can be from root growth that has damaged the line, built up materials in the line, to even worse scenarios where there has been a collapse in the line. 

There are many kinds of cameras that you can use in a situation that would call for this type of camera. There are mini-cameras that fit 1 1/2-inch pipe 4 inch. There are sewer lateral cameras that fit pipes three inch to eight-inch, mainline straight view jet and main sewer crawler tractor cameras that fit four inches up to eighteen-inch piping, and the pan and tilt type that fits eight upwards to thirty-six-inch pipelines. The various ones offer their own visual aspects, range, and quality. 

The idea of a sewage line inspection can also help bring more value to your home, business, or structure. There are many companies that can-do sewer line inspections, they generally have the equipment to do these kinds of inspections. This way you are not having to purchase the equipment yourself unless that is you are in that line of business. Generally when one of these inspections are done with the video camera they are recorded and/or still images will be given to the customer, these can be really helpful in a situation if you are selling and the buyer is questioning the septic system.

The market for these type of cameras is ever growing across the world. The need for them is projected to rise in overseas areas as they become more and more industrialized. In regard to camera’s that are used in pipes you would be surprised at the quality of the video and images, most times if the company you are using for your business or personal use should have high definition quality. 

When the camera is used not only can it identify problems it also can help identify types of piping that have been used throughout the line system. This can be important knowing the structure of the piping can save you a problem later on. The more advanced cameras will also have a gyroscope to help keep a proper orientation at all times. There are even a few on the market that have a pipe locator it basically functions like a GPS unit to help guide the technician or you while you are utilizing the camera.


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