Why People Pursue Different Careers In College

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Some people pursue careers for passion. There are passionate people in every career field. Some people have a flaming passion for a particular field that they are pursuing. Other people may be more indifferent about their chosen field, though they may still really like various aspects of their jobs. For example, a person may go into nursing for the money, but might find the job personally interesting and fulfilling due to the variety of experiences, the human interaction and the gratitude that some patients show. Passion especially drives people who go into fields that are not seen as being lucrative. For example, it is arguable that some of the most passionate people may be those who pursue college majors like performing arts, art and design. 

The Money 

Going to school for a career just for the money is not dishonorable. It may sound bad in some people’s minds, but there is nothing wrong with it. Some people do like their occupations or are doing their dream occupations. However, everyone works to make a living so that they can afford housing, put food on their tables, support themselves, support their families and have a decent quality of life. If you choose to go to accounting school cincinnati oh, you should not be ashamed if you are doing that for career prospects. Some people do not care about what they do—as long they are making a decent living to live decently. Many times, if you don’t go for something that’s more lucrative, you are going to end up with something that’s less lucrative. A person who has gone into a lucrative field may have done it for the money, but what matters is the quality of work that he/she puts out and level of respect to other people that he/she gives. 


Some people pursue certain careers in college because they already have contacts in those industries. For example, plumbers, electricians and construction workers who are in unions do pretty well for themselves financially. There are also many other industries where professionals who are union members are making living wages. For example, there are healthcare unions in which the healthcare workers who are members have special protections when it comes to salary, healthcare and remaining employed. However, it is notoriously difficult to get into these labor unions that grant members great opportunities for financially stable lives. Usually, these types of things tend to be based on connections and are “father-to-son.” Sometimes, you don’t have to be related to someone—you just have to hang out with the right people and be very lucky. 

The same goes for various municipal jobs. Many times, whether or not you can get local municipal jobs depends on who you know and who your friends and family members are. There is even a lot of nepotism when it comes to private industry—supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants and other establishments.

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