Don’t Stress Out Over Moving

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Moving and storage of our possessions is often an inevitable part of today’s busy world. Virtually all of us at some point in our lives must pull up stakes and relocate to a new neighborhood, city, town, or even another country due to our occupation, family considerations, or personal choice. Moving can be a very stressful event in our lives, impacting the entire family. Much of the stress of moving is diminished by choosing a moving company that places customer satisfaction as a priority. Companies that can achieve that priority will also be reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. 


When a move is inevitable; do your homework. Moving and storage can be a very expensive undertaking and it pays off to choose the right company. There are several reliable resources that can help in your search for the best transport company for you and your family. 

Start the process by asking around. Get personal recommendations. Ask family, friends, coworkers; anyone that you know who may have moved recently. If you are moving because of a transfer, then the company for which you work may have moving recommendations. When you get a few names of companies that you think might be possibilities, then check with the BBB or an online consumer advocacy groups to confirm their reputation. 

Cost Estimate 

Once you have decided that you are interested in a company then the next step should be a moving estimate. Estimates give the consumer a breakdown of the costs involved. This estimate can be a free “ballpark” estimate giving the range of costs expected with the move. The estimate includes full or partial packing costs, appliance service, and specially handled items. Companies offer this instantaneous and convenient estimate online. If you want a more detailed estimate of your projected moving and storage costs, then a free onsite estimate is the best option. With the onsite estimate, a local professional moving agent is sent to estimate the projected moving costs. The onsite estimate will give you a detailed breakdown of the projected costs based on contents, their estimated weight and the distance to be shipped. The professional agent will also help to determine packing and packaging issues, appliance preparation, custom crating needs, and storage requirements. 


Any moving and storage company that you choose to pack, package and transport your families’ valuable belongings safety and protection should be a priority. The company chosen should have insurance coverage for all items that they pack and transport. Reputable companies will also offer valuation coverage. This upgraded insurance coverage is an addition to the overall cost of moving, however, it is a very important consideration when moving valuable furniture and items. 

The Big Day 

On moving day, the company should provide you with a detailed inventory and load your belongings onto the truck ensuring that all items are safe and secure. Delivery dates should be confirmed with you and in-transit storage arranged if necessary. Most moving companies accept payment by credit card or cashier’s check.


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